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Asian Handicap

If the bookmaker declared a handicap of 1.5, then the results would look like this. Over 3.5 goals is a bet on a match producing 4 or more goals. This betting market is popular for matches where a strong attack is up against a weak defence, or both teams have weak defences . Under 2.5 goals betting is the most popular under goals betting market. This is a bet on the match producing 2 or fewer goals. When you bet on under 2.5 goals being scored you’re betting on a lower than average score thanks to strong defences or weaker attacks.

For the bet to be calculated as victorious our team have to win by at least two goal difference. The win by only one goal, a draw or a lost match means a bet is lost. That means that Team A must not lose by 8 points or more for the bet to win. A sports betting OVER/UNDER is a bet where you have to correctly predict the combined score of both teams. You have to pick if the total score will be lower or higher than the number set by oddsmakers – the people at betting sites who set the lines and odds. The Match Bet is by far the most commonly seen type of betting in football.

This code means you are placing your bet on the away team to win the match or it means that both teams will score against each other in the game. This is a double chance bet where you win if the away team wins the match or you still win even if they lose or draw, but both teams score in the game. This is the simplest form of football betting in which you pick the result of a football match.

You win if the team you bet on either wins, there’s a draw, or they lose by a maximum of one goal. If the team loses by two or more goals, you’ll lose your bet. Asian Handicap betting with negative half lines give you the same situations but the other way around. Similar to over 1.5, there is another bet in the category of a number of goals.

When an odd results in neither outcome being correct and bets are returned/refunded. A game that is scheduled, but without odds due to various circumstances. The favored team or athlete that is considered a guarantee to win.

Odds represent the likelihood of an outcome occurring. In sports betting, each team is assigned odds that represent the likelihood of them winning the game. When the odds for two teams are even, meaning 1 to 1, it means that each team is equally as likely to win the game.

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